Worth Living EP

by Keepsafe

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released November 12, 2012

Drums courtesy of Adam Evans
Recorded by Ross Powley
Mixed, mastered, and additional recording by Philip Bashford @ Anchors Up Recordings, Surrey UK



all rights reserved


Keepsafe UK

Leo Davut
Matt Sprange
Thomas Gaskill
Roberto Blackmore
Corey Eyres

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Track Name: Cowardice
Why would you offer your hand when you know I don't need it? I'm fine on my own. There's nothing you can say to make me think you're worth anything, this is your lowest point. The point where I wished you'd stop. I can think no less of you. Hatred does not burn me and I won't sink as low as you, I am free and I'm fine. I can't move on with those who wont go the distance, people who wouldn't dream. You are a plague but I won't be infected, I've made my own mistakes. But if there's one thing I've learned is that the past belongs to time. But the future belongs to me, even so I wish you'd burn, because that's all a rat like you deserves. I can move on without you and I'll be fine, you know I'll be fine. I don't need to help you fix this, your on your own in need of my hand. All you do is lie and I am sick and tired of picking up the pieces. Don't look me in the eye, there wont be a next time.
Track Name: Still Counting
I've never tried so hard to pretend someone like you could still be my friend. There's just something about you that I can't forget. And even as I grow older, I still won't regret. But i'm not done yet, I'll have my way with or without you, I'll work out what to say. I never thought I'd be able to stand here saying to you. Oh all I know is how many of you feel this. Now and then I come back to you, I won't any more. This is ours. All I know is you. I can't stand you here.
Track Name: Ends At The Nape
When did you decide we were nothing? When did you think that we'd care? You've lost your way, you've astray. I don't want to see you again. Because there is a darkness burning inside me, and a light trying to shine through. The suns almost, here its coming quick. But I couldn't of have done this without you. But you taught me well, and I know what's right.
I've never been so happy now I've refused to fight. And I'll try to keep these lessons in mind I wont lie, its hard but I will survive. Its not your decision its up to me, I've made my peace and I can finally breathe. These past few years I've come to believe, without you here's the only way I'll succeed. But all I know is that friends like these, are the only thing I need. I'll never forget and this will never cease. Never cease. I believe, this is ours.
Track Name: Recovery
I've given up, I've given in. This is all I need. I'll live a lifetime, knowing what I've done can never be redeemed. I'll never forgive myself for this. I'll try my hardest to forget, but you'll remain in the back of my mind. Never fading away, I'm sure wherever you are, you're smiling. And I hope it's warmer and I hope you feel us loving you, as much as we always did. And i thank you for everything you've done.
Track Name: Sore Eyes
I swear I've not slept for days but somehow I feel fine. My mind feels free but my body aches and my back is breaking under the weight, but for the first time I'll refuse to break. I will refuse to stand trial for honest actions. The sun is coming and my arms are open wide to embrace it. But it's something I've never had until now, at least the slightest bit. Now at least i know who my friends are and i know i'm loved. For now I need to stay afloat and my friends will help me keep my head above the waves. These people are simple foundations like the strongest fortress needs. I need your hands to guide me to the light. The darkness. I will overcome and feel whole again.
Track Name: Tic Tac Teeth
Once I thought it'd take so little to be free, to feel like your holding your own. But once i realised that's not the case, I began to move on. Its a long time coming, and I'm nowhere near the end, but even as it gets worse, my head feels clear, more than it has for years. For as long as I can remember. But somehow I know that it's not the end. I'll never stop trying, its not for me, and if i know, one thing, the knowledge it takes more than just people to make you happy and more than the loss of them to bring you down, to run you into the ground. Honestly I'm sure this is the start of something great. I won't live my life unhappy, I simply refuse. All I know, oh I've got a long road ahead, but I'll find the sun one day and when I do I'll bask in its warmth and marvel at its beauty, and never allow it to go back down.